January 2020 Board of Education Work Session

The Warren County Board of Education held a Work Session on January 25th at Warren County Middle School. The audit report and budget information was presented to the board during the meeting.

Board Chair, Ebony Talley Brame calls the meeting to order

The auditor gives his report.

Delores Pulliam, Chief Finance Officer provides the board with information on the budget

Dr. Linda Mason, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction provides information on the Instructional budget. 

Earning the Green Ceremony at VGCC

Warren Early College High School held its annual Earning the Green Ceremony last week. Students that had earned at least 26 college credits during their high school career were honored and presented a green polo shirt to designate their success.

Members of the VGCC and Warren Early College Administration enter the ceremony

The honorees  enter the ceremony to their special seating. 

Dr. Levy Brown, Vice President of Learning, Student Engagement and Success from VGCC

Zanee Key Warren Early College student talks about her experience as she earned this honor. 

Kameryn Wilson, WECHS student introduces the keynote speaker for the evening. 

Dr. Linda Mason, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction for Warren County Schools presented the keynote address to the students. 

James Hundley, WECHS student presents a gift of appreciation to Dr. Mason for presenting her message to the group. 

WECHS Staff members are recognized for their part in getting these students prepared.  

WECHS Principal, Shana Judkins, congratulates the students on their accomplishments.