October Warren County School Board Meeting at Vaughan Elementary School

The Warren County Board of Education Meeting was held this month at Vaughan Elementary School. The Vaughan Staff provided a tour and talked about their Global School transformation.  Check out scenes from the meeting.

Vaughan Elementary is a Global School

Vaughan Elementary School provided tours and provided information to the Warren County Board of Education and a large crowd of parents and community members on Monday October 9th. The tour was given prior to the regular meeting of the Warren County Board of Education. Check out scenes from the tour.

October School Board Work Session

The Warren County Board of Education met at Vaughan Elementary School on October 9th the discuss the Strategic Plan. The Steering Committee brought back recommendations based on the boards feedback in September.

True IP Solutions and Vision 21

Warren County Schools is looking at replacing its current phone system with a cloud solution. The Technology Department met with this vendor to check out their products.

Nureva Span Training

Maurice Crump, Technology Facilitator for Warren County Middle School was trained by Ernie Conner, Director of Technology and CTE to use the Nureva Span software. This software allows students and teachers to have a collaborative space that can be used to develop projects and ideas. It takes the place of sticky notes and scratch pads!

Additional Strategic Plan Work

After hearing feedback from the Warren County Board of Education, Dr. Spain and the Strategic Plan Committee revised their presentation and plans to present their updates at the Work Session on October 9th. 

ADA Compliance Review

Jamica Whitaker, Director of Communications and Public Engagement met with a group of WCS Directors to review our websites and discussing strategies to ensure that our sites are ADA compliant. The Department of Justice (DOJ) published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design in September 2010. These standards state that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities.

Strategic Plan Committee Work

Dr. Spain, Superintendent, worked with the Strategic Plan Steering Committee to develop a report to the Board of Education. The report provided the board with information on how much progress has been made on the five year plan and outlined the major focus areas that the district would like to work on for the 2017-18 school year.

Google Leadership Meeting

Warren County Schools participated in the Google Leadership Summit hosted by the Johnston County School District. The event was held at East Clayton Elementary School and allowed the people in attendance to see first hand how the district was using Google Applications to enhance and improve student learning. Representatives from Google presented the latest tools that will be available to schools free of charge. They have been a tremendous help in providing collaboration tools for education.

Google Training Sessions

Chuck Holland, from the Richland School District 2 in Columbia, South Carolina conducted training sessions for Warren County Schools teachers this past week. The Richland 2 district has partnered with us to assist with the implementation of Google Applications for Education into our instructional program. Staff members from Warren County High, Warren County Middle, Northside K-8 and Mariam Boyd Elementary School participated in a Introductory Session on day 1 and a advanced training that focused on Blended and Personalized Learning on day 2.  Check out scenes from the events.

The focus on Day 1 was Google Classroom and Google Tools

Day 2 focused on using Blended Learning the Personalized approach to student learning.