Administrative Assistant Day Planning Meeting

Warren County Schools has a great team of Administrative Assistants in the district. A group administrators from the district are organizing activities to honor these hard working individuals in the near feature.

Website Evaluation

A team from Warren County Schools is evaluating website vendors that could help the district rollout a new district website. The committee reviewed 6 company presentations last week and have made a recommendation to the Superintendent. More information to follow soon!

Battle of the Books

Congratulations to Northside K8 for winning the 2016-2017 District Elementary Battle of the Books competition. Second place goes out to last year's winners Vaughan Elementary, and Third place Mariam Boyd Elementary. South Warren Elementary was unable to participate this school year.

The district competition is the culminating activity for a year- long reading program that is designed to encourage reading for students in the fourth and fifth grades. The North Carolina State Library Media Association EBOB Committee releases a list of books that represent quality literature of varying viewpoints and literary styles by outstanding authors of literature for young adults. Participating students ' gain knowledge of a broad range of topics, vary their choices of reading materials, improve reading skills, and enjoy the excitement and fun of competition

Pictured is Northside K8's EBOB Team

Left to right: Ceimya Davis, Ryann Braxton, Bryce Gist, Aubrey Lynch, Rahanna Talley, Noah Wilker, Chandler Kearsey, Arianna Hargrove, and Ja'mya Durham along with Media Coordinator Latara Vick.

8th Grade Parent Meeting

A meeting was held at Warren County Middle School this week for parents and students to discuss 8th grade registration for high school. The three High School Principals were on hand and gave a 10 minute presentation on their school. Parents were given a chance to ask questions and were reminded that students would be touring each school and an open house would be held at each High School for parents and students.

Warren County Middle School Visits Warren County High School

8th Grade Students at Warren County Middle School visited Warren County High School this week. These students visit each high school before making a decision on which school they would like to attend. Students, teachers and staff at WCHS provided tours and gave information about the school.

Broadband Meeting

A group has been meeting recently looking for possible ways to provide Internet access to as many students and families in Warren County as possible.  A survey will be available in the next few weeks asking for information on who has service and who does not. This information will be used to develop a plan of action.

Warren County Middle School 8th Grade Students Visit Warren Early College

8th grade students at Warren County Middle School participated in the first of three high school tours. They will tour each of the high schools in the district as they go through the 9th grade registration process. Warren New Tech and Warren County High School will be toured later this week.

Student Meetings at WCMS and Northside K-8

8th grade students at Warren County Middle School and Northside K-8 School received their 9th grade registration packets this week. The packets were provided to the students at a special meeting at each school. The students received instruction from the school counselor on how to complete the application. Two parent meetings are scheduled for next week to provide information to students and parents.

Warren County Middle School

Northside K-8 School

Northside K-8 High School Student Tours

8th grade students at Northside K-8 School are in the process of selecting the high school that they would like to attend, During this process, students tour each high school and take a close look at what each one has to offer. Students and parents use information to help select the high school that they would like to attend. Check out pictures from the student tours.

Warren Early College High School

Warren New Tech High School

Warren County High School

MOU Meeting with Vance Granville Community College

Warren County Schools has a great working relationship with Vance Granville Community College. Both parties meet at least once per year to discuss programs and to review and sign an annual Memorandum of Understanding to operate Warren Early College High School. The group met last last week and Dr. Spain signed the agreement for the 2017-18 school year.

Warren County Broadband Meeting

A committee in Warren County is meeting on a regular basis to try to find ways to expand broadband access to more families to have Internet access. The committee plans to survey the community to determine what areas that need to be focused on.

Scenes from the March School Board Meeting

The Warren County Board of Education held its March meeting at 7:00 pm on March 14th. It was held at the School Board Office. Check our pictures below from the meeting.