Teachers Receive Literacy Training

Teachers participated in a special training session this week as the schools continue to aggressively work on improving student's literacy skills.

MTSS Training Session

The Warren County Schools MTSS District Team met with Dr. Alysia Schiltz from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction last week. This session was to get support and ideas before meeting with the school teams in the near future.

November Management Team Meeting

Dr. Young implemented a new format to the Management Team Meeting. The Management Team will meet in the morning as it was done before followed immediately by the Principal's Meeting. This allows all meetings to be held on one day and not pull staff away from schools on multiple times.
Principals gave their school improvement plans to the group to receive feedback and suggestions before presenting them to the board of education.

Dr. Young explains the new format to the meeting and also talks about her 90 day plan report. 

John Green, Principal at Warren County High School, presents his plan. 

Katrinka Brewer, Principal at Mariam Boyd Elementary School, presents her plan. 

Tracy Neal, Principal at Warren County Middle School, presents her plan. 

                     Renee Mizelle, Principal at Vaughan Elementary School, presents her plan. 

Dr. Linda Mason provides feedback to all Principals during their presentation. 

Shena Judkins, Principal at Warren Early College High School presents her plan. 

Jennifer Wilker, Principal at Warren New Tech High School presents her plan. 

Debra Clayton, Coordinator of Testing and Accountability presents to the Management Team.

The Principals met with Dr. Young for a special "Chat and Chew" Lunch Session.

Dr. Mary L. Young Presents Her 90 Day Entry Plan to the Board of Education

Dr. Mary L. Young, Superintendent, presented her " Superintendent's 90 Day Entry Plan Report" to the Warren County Board of Education on November 5, 2019. This presentation was a part of the regular Board of Education Meeting. The report can be read by clicking on the link below.

Click Here for the  90 Day Entry Plan Report. 

Dr. Young refers to the data presented throughout the plan to illustrate how this document would drive the direction the district will move forward.

November Board of Education Meeting

The Warren County Board of Education held its monthly meeting on November 5th this month. Awards and honors were presented to schools, staff and students. The Superintendent also presented her 90 Day Entry Plan Report. 

Board Members prepare for the meeting.

Light of Character Awards were presented to a student at each school.

2019 October Light of Character Award Winners

Dr. Keedra Whitaker, Director of Human Resources presents the Stellar Performer Award. 

This months winner is from Warren New Tech High School. Ms. Waydia Lee

The Board recognizes the Teacher of the Year Award Winners

The Teacher of Year is Ms. Maria Daal from Northside K-8 School

Warren County Schools Teacher of the Year Winners

Warren Early College High School received both attendance award trophies this month

Several people spoke at the public input session

The Indian Education Program was discussed with the board. 

Dr. Linda Mason, Assistant Superintendent presented information on two overnight field trips that were being requested. 

Chelsa Jennings, Director of Curriculum and Instruction presents the Title I plan to the board. 

Delores Pulliam, Finance Officer presents budget amendments to the board.